Goslings Nursery

Goslings is more than a nursery for the people of Nunhead.

Located behind a shopfront on the high street, the place has a civic function too, as the comings and goings of children and parents bring life to the town centre. With retail generally in retreat in many outer London town centres, the nursery signifies a new type of public use that provides an important service close to home and sustains the high street as the vital public space that it has always been.

JKA worked closely with ME Postbranding to develop a visual identity and co-ordinated signage that reflects the nurseries’ educational philosophy. The re-design of the entrance area was necessary to negotiate safeguarding priorities and the very public aspect of a premises with a shopfront located right at the back of the pavement. Shoe shelves, coat hooks and a buggy store area are neatly tucked under a new cosy storytelling platform the guardrail of which adopts the motif of a castle and a family of friendly giants.

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