Thornhill Library

The Thornhill Library Project ignites a love for learning by mobilising the entire school community.

Thornhill Primary School wants pupils to develop a love for learning. The school library is integral to achieving this mission, empowering children from as young as 4 to be the author of their own learning experiences in an inspirational environment. The new library makes use of a former undercroft to create a multi-functional space for browsing, readings, performance and role play.

We wanted children’s imagination to guide the design process, so we asked each of them to make a scale model of their dream library. This collective effort resulted in nearly 400 shoe-box sized submissions which defined the design brief. The project went on to mobilise the entire school community: teachers gave up their weekend to participate in a costumed fun run, pupils organised cake and lemonade sales, parents and carers secured sponsorship from alumni and community members, local businesses donated for the school raffle and famous family friends performed for free in a sold-out comedy gig.

Thornhill Primary School now has a new library, but it also has a generation of budding architects and a tightly knit community who are proud to be associated with the school.

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