Bakers Arms

From a busy, unloved crossroads, Bakers Arms was transformed by a new town square flanked by colourful terraces and filigree market booths.

At the crossroads between Leyton and Walthamstow, Bakers Arms was a neglected shopping centre dominated by heavy traffic and run-down buildings flanking the high street. Working alongside an extensive programme of public realm improvements, we coordinated works to over thirty properties framing a new public square.

Our strategy identified a catalogue of high impact interventions to each property, enabling us to transform the visual appearance of the town centre as a whole. On the sweeping terrace which fronts the square, we worked to re-establish the proportions of the Victorian parade by restoring pilasters and renewing fascia signs. Circular projecting signs were used as a repeated motif to establish rhythm and continuity while preserving each business’ unique identity.

More expansive measures were used to mark the town centre gateways. To the northeast, a former church and a post-war billiard hall were creatively repaired. To the south-west, an existing street traders’ shanty was replaced by two unfolding filigree steel market booths, lit from within at night, acting as lanterns to a formerly dingy stretch of pavement.

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