Fore Street

A collection of targeted interventions around the high street will revitalise the southern gateway into Enfield and diversify the town centre by creating new spaces for culture, play and work.

Angel Edmonton is listed among the 10% most deprived areas for several of the English Indices of Deprivation with barriers to education, skills, training and employment, income deprivation and poor living environment. Yet new homes, schools and workspace in Meridian Water, regeneration efforts across the borough boundary in Tottenham and the Joyce & Snell’s masterplan bring unprecedented opportunities, ascribing a new strategic significance to the town centre. In 2019 Enfield Council commissioned Jan Kattein Architects to prepare a bid to the Mayor’s Good Growth Fund. Once funding was secured, JKA and local practice Fisher Cheng Architects jointly won a tender to implement the project.

Our proposals for Angel Edmonton address some of the long-standing priorities that the community has voiced, ensuring that local people and businesses harness the benefits that regeneration brings. The project seeks to strengthen the identity of the town centre through public realm interventions, transforms a disused garage yard and anti-social behaviour hotspot into work and community space, introduces a school street in response to air quality deficiencies and establishes an urban room in the local library. This urban room brings Council services to a shop front on the high street and provides an interactive setting to develop a vision for the future of the high street.

Building capacity among local stakeholders is integral to the project objectives, which is why we are working closely with the people of Edmonton. A play street event saw 400 school children participate in an initiative to promote sustainable travel and to reclaim a street outside their school for wildlife and play. A programme teaming street artists up with established practitioners is designed to upskill local people to deliver large public projects. The Council is working closely with community groups to establish partnerships for the use of the new urban room which shares its premises with the Fore Street library, and a local procurement plan is set to provide opportunities for SMEs located in the neighbourhood.

Reducing embodied carbon is a top priority for Enfield Council. To achieve this, we have designed the project to retain all existing structures on site and to adapt them so they can serve their new purpose.

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